Friday, August 04, 2006


So, I've been wanting to do a sketchbook for the longest time, just never got around to it. I have a few fans (maybe one or two) been hounding me about a sketckbook, so I've decided to take the plunged this year. I was going to prepared it in time for the 2006 San Diego Convention. Maybe I can sell about 200 to 300 copies, enough monies to pay for the trip and some beers :P

So much for that huh? the convention came and went, I missed it by 2 weeks. And my book is still in transit. Oh well, maybe I'll be better prepare for next year. The Wonder Con. is coming up though...

Anyway, here is the run down of my adventure into publishing. What a great learning experience it has been for me. I learned so much about self publishing and I barely even scratch the surface.

I've started out preparing something that allot of comic artists do now-a-day, making personal sketchbook. I've bought a few of them myself, some of the arts are awesome, but the quality isn't so great. Its pretty much the same as making xerox copies of your work and having Kinko collate and bind them. So I set out to do the same, I figure the cost won't be too much and its something I can whipped out in no time. I've even layout the cover and did a mock-up of the book. And was pretty proud of it too. But, (to be continue... getting sleepy)


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