Friday, August 04, 2006

Sketchbook part 2

After playing around with the layout and pondering what my next step was...

I've decided that its just looks too cheap going with Kinko. Not that there anything wrong with going this route; it just didn't appeal to me. The quality will not last, plus I'm thinking big here.

The biggest thrill for me (when I attend these comic conventions) is cruising around the artist alley and checking out their works. Nothing beat seeing the original up close and personal. To see the art at their original size (11"x17") so much is lost when you see the final product. Sometime the end result is just not there, due to: time constraint, bad coloring, cheap paper, bad artists team-up, or whatever...

So I've decided to print my book at 11"x17" inch size, printed the art one-to-one scale. No reduction in the artworks, its going to be glorious! Started to check out various printers. I found out about the print-on-demand (POD) possiblity. Which makes allot of sense, if your on a limited budget. I found a bunch of them and had some sent me samples and quote. And after reviewing the materials, I had to make a pass. It looks cheap and the quality just isn't there, I guess you get what you pay for. So off I go to look for a offset printer...

HOLY SMOKES!!! its frigging expensive! But I was still determine, I figure if you give them quality, they'll come back for more. My next plan was to created something similiar to a sketchbook that you buy at the art store, you know one of them spiral binding sketch pad. Similiar to this (see picture above)

By now i've settled on a printer. So I got them to sent me a sample of the spiral binding. I didn't like it, its not what I've envision, plus at that size the pages seems to come off. I've told them to give me a perfect binding softcover. Another problem arise, the weight of the paper and spine just could not support it at the 11"x17" size. Crap! My next step was to go with hardcover.

By this time the cost have gone up dramatically, from spiral to softcover to hardback binding. The cost have quadruple from my initial quote. Shit!

I guess the artist in me have taken charge, quality all the way, not a sound business plan. And
after talking with my better half, I forged ahead (I've told her we'll make it all back, wishful thinking :P)

For the next few months, back and forth between me and the printer, I've made so many changes and ask for so many quotes, I'm supprised they didn't hang up.

To be continue...


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